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Located in Monrovia, California, Polid, Inc. has dedicated itself to simplifying the process of ordering print products and marketing services. We specialize in developing and providing tools that help mid-sized organizations with five or more locations. We created our in-house platform to give clients a convenient way to manage, typeset, and track all print and marketing orders online.

Established in 2009, Polid aimed to address traditional print companies' workflow shortcomings. The web was gaining momentum, and many companies in the print industry still needed to catch up. The tools used at the time resulted in a slow process prone to errors.

Intending to streamline the process and provide clients with the best possible experience, our founder, Jeremy Mulvihill, started Polid.

Before founding Polid, Jeremy spent several years working for local print companies.

His first job was at a silk screening company, where he learned color separations and silk-screened t-shirts. From there, Jeremy worked in sales at a finishing and laminating manufacturer. They produced boxes for other print shops and clients like Activision. Finally, he worked in sales for a distributor/broker before founding Polid.

Jeremy witnessed many changes during his time with these very different print companies. He noticed structural issues that challenged both themselves and, more importantly, the client. He also noted an excellent opportunity to improve his skills and the status quo. He was inspired to improve clients' experience and dedicated countless hours to testing and developing tools.

In 2020 the pandemic turned our world upside down. During the confusion and chaos, Polid had an opportunity to team up with Hollinhurst Printing.

Both companies faced a need to pivot. Jeremy and Russell Hollinhurst began discussing customers' new challenges and how printing should adapt to meet their needs. It became clear that both companies had the same objectives.

Customers want a quick turnaround, quality products, and a reasonable price. They also wanted guidance about getting the best outcome. This realization turned into our new goal: providing all the modern tools with the old world service and support they remembered.

The best way forward was to combine the two unique expertise of Polid and Hollinhurst Printing.

Hollinhurst Printing was known for its superior customer service and speedy fulfillment. Polid excelled at developing new technological solutions for businesses.

We combined to create something new with this partnership. A company that vastly improves the ordering experience. We've combined the concept of old-world service with new-world convenience.

Our commitment to clients is consistently innovating and bringing them the latest technology while providing a personal touch.


Our online platform simplifies the process of ordering print, managing marketing projects, and creating graphics.


  417 W Maple Ave

Monrovia CA 91016

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