Synchronize ordering

Are disjointed departments costing you money? You may be paying too much when Dept. A doesn’t know what Dept. B is ordering.
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Disjointed Product Deliveries

Are orders delivered separately, frequently, and out of sync with other departments? Not only is it essential to control and track department spending, but it’s also vital to analyze the usage of printed products. Synchronize ordering to reduce per-unit cost, frequency of orders, and the number of deliveries.

Synchronized Monthly Deliveries

Order Tracker analyzes the daily usage of each departments’ print products. This data tells us what quantity to manufacture for each product in bulk. We store the inventory and deliver it in one shipment monthly. We provide the correct amount to each department at consistent intervals in one delivery.

A step-by-step look at synchronization


1) Analyze Each Product Ordered Per Department


2) Calculate Monthly Product-Usage Rate


3) Manufacture & Store Quarterly Inventory


4) Schedule Monthly Deliveries On One Truck

Our relationship is with the technology

We match your order with the correct technology to ensure your expectations of quality and cost. We guarantee your orders are produced at the highest quality while remaining cost-effective. We accomplish this by leveraging our Order Tracker’s vendor bidding system, and our vast network of trade-only manufacturers.

Ever wonder why there is such a discrepancy in pricing between different printing vendors? It’s because there are thousands of different types of printing equipment, and no two printing companies have the same machine. Even manufacturers outsource some aspects of the order.


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