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We carefully select vendors that are the best in their category and bring them under one system, giving you one place to order, track, and manage all of your print & marketing projects.
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About Us

Polid, Inc. strives to be the perfect balance between precision and creativity. Our roots in the printing industry have honed our mechanical mind, while our passion for design has expanded our creative capacity. Combined with a resolve for efficiency, we use technology to be more competitive and effective than other marketing agencies.

We first started with a desire to simplify the complex process of ordering custom commercial printing. Jeremy was frustrated that he wasn’t able to service his clients efficiently. The software used at the printing company he was representing lacked many features. Working as a Customer Service Representative, he knew that his customers deserved a smoother, better, more streamlined way to fulfill their printing needs.

In 2010, Jeremy decided to take on the monumental task of building the system he envisioned from scratch. He took classes to learn database design and programming. During this time, Jeremy left his job. The friendly guy he is, Jeremy, left a lasting impression on his clients during his time there. His relationships with his clients were so strong that they wanted to continue working with him.

In 2013, Jeremy started Polid, Inc. to service those clients. Jeremy built Polid’s Order Tracker Software to manage the entire process, simplifying print from start to finish. Throughout the years, many features were added and make up the platform clients use today.

Jeremy was a frustrated guy who went through all the ups and downs within the printing industry. He strives to bring real value for his clients and to ease their frustration too. Here at Polid, Inc., we provide a frustration-free service for all your printing needs!

Let us help you simply print.

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